Day 10: October 3, 2015
Wet in Three States

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For the second day in a row, I ate breakfast at the Windmill just down the road from my motel. Today it was in Danbury, Connecticut. Yesterday, near Concord, New Hampshire, it was here. I'm really going to feel like Bill Murray if it happens again tomorrow.

This is just across the line in New York. I didn't notice any in Connecticut but they might be there.

Much of the early going in New York was through built up areas and fairly tedious. It got a whole lot better, though, a I'm sure the approach to the 1923 Bear Mountain Bridge would be beautiful without the rain. A minor consolation was the fact that only eastbound cars have to pay the $1.50 toll.

Back in 2012, as I traveled east at the start of Sixty-Six - The Hard Way, I spent a night at the Erie Hotel in Port Jervis, New York. On that trip, I reached the city via expressway but this time I went all the way through on US-6 though I naturally had to turn off for a stop at the hotel. Inside, people limited my picture taking and outside the rain did it. Looks like some neon repair is in order.

Between Port Jervis and Milford, Pennsylvania, I just had to stop at the Village Diner, a 1956 Mountain View. This time I anticipated and declined the offer of ice cream. The only pie available was apple crumb which was just fine although I wondered at the limited selection. Then, as I ate, I spotted the board with "Maria's Home Made Pies" at the top. It wasn't exactly limited to pies and listed four kinds of cakes as well as apple baklava and pumpkin tarts. In the pie area, there was only the apple -- and three now blank spaces. Guess I should have been here earlier if I wanted a choice.

The Pennsylvania roadside was not totally without color but constant clouds and rain kept it very subdued. There was never a deluge but the rain never really stopped either. On occasion it was only a mist but it was mostly light and steady all day.

My afternoon break was at 3 Guys & a Beerd in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where I had one very good beer. That's Head Brewer Matt Zuk behind the bar. The name remains the same even though the beard to guy ratio has changed since the logo was created,

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