Day 1: September 24, 2015
Lakeside Sunset

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Leaving home about 10:00 AM, I picked up I-71 and followed various expressways to the far corner of Ohio. By the time I crossed into Pennsylvania on I-90, I'd pretty much had my fill and made a move to US-20. I had planned on sticking with the big interstates to near Buffalo and the congestion I initially encountered had me questioning my decision to exit earlier but it got much better.

About ten miles into New York, I checked into a motel then found this very cool spot for dinner. There is plenty of seating inside ZeBro's Beach Bar but the outside seats are best. The third photo was taken from the bar stool where I ate dinner as the sun prepared to set. The others are from various spots around the sandy beach. When I recently reviewed Ara Gureghian's photo book, the quote I chose to repeat, from the many in the book, was this one from Jo Walton: There is a Sunrise and a Sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.. I resolved to follow her advise but this was a beautiful reminder that I haven't done as well as I'd hoped.

The Theater Motel was once part of a drive-in theater operation but the screen burned down, never to return, in 1984. The place is a little dated but I, for one, see nothing wrong in that. My room was clean and had everything I needed.

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