Day 2: February 1, 2010
Again the Battery
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In February of 2008 I came to Columbus to hear a gathering of blues musicians. Same as yesterday. I had a great time and a good night's rest at a local motel. Same as last night. Then I checked out and walked to my car. Same as this morning. As I neared the car, I pressed the remote unlock button. Did the same this morning. Nothing happened. Today, ditto. So I called AAA. Same as today. AAA arrived quickly and jump started the car. Just like today. Then I drove to AutoZone for a new battery. And did it again today. Is this just deja vu or is this my own Groundhog Day repeat loop?

Neither, actually. Today the AutoZone I drove to wasn't in Cincinnati but was just a few miles from the motel and the battery was still under warranty and was replaced without cost. Nonetheless, I'll probably be nervous the next time I'm in Columbus for blues in February.

On both occasions, AAA has been prompt and helpful. Kudos there. More and bigger kudos to AutoZone. With no paperwork in my hand, they were able to verify the purchase date of the battery (and everything else I've ever bought from them) in minutes. Their own test showed no defect in the battery but they listened to my story of a warning from the oil change guy (which I ignored since the battery was less than two years old), the AAA test showing a bad cell, and the fact that the battery had been completely without charge this morning and they replaced the battery. I intend to hit the road sometime around 4:00 AM for my predawn date with Phil and I'd be very unhappy if I found the car dead in the dark. I like AutoZone, am real happy I've been dealing with them, and plan to keep dealing with them.

I once had a fine piece of pie at the Emerald Diner in Hubbard, Ohio, but on at least two other visits, it was closed. That's because those other visits were on Sunday. That changed soon after Erika Saadeh took over the briefly closed diner and made it a seven day a week operation. Erika spent six years working for the previous owners before making the 1939 O'Mahony her own exactly one year ago. The first anniversary is Groundhog Day 2010. The daily specials are hand written on the board over Erika's head and I picked the first one on the list. The linguine and meatball was excellent. $5.95 with salad included!

I made it to Punxsutawney and walked around town as day light faded. There are lots of large painted groundhogs like the one in front of the historic Pantall Hotel. A sold out banquet takes place there tonight. A cluster of tents fills the town square. Food and souvenir clothing seem to be popular. If you want some official information along with your Punxy Phil sweatshirt, the Chamber of Commerce Phil's Official Souvenir Shop is ready. It remains open till midnight on Groundhog Day Eve.

The do-it-yourself spirit took hold of me and I made my own empty Ground Hog Brew bottle. It's a great souvenir.

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