Day 3: January 28, 2012
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Well, I did warn you that there might be days like this. The bowl of fresh fruit that started my day was worthy of a photo but I didn't take one. Nor did I take one of the bacon & eggs that followed it or the multiple glasses of orange juice that washed all of it down. The coffee mug, even through its several transitions from full to empty and back, wasn't particularly photogenic and neither were the beer bottles that eventually replaced it. Today was one of those rare and wonderful days filled with the telling of stories whose veracity was absolutely certain. They might be recognized halfway through or maybe even sooner and they might have a gap or two or be missing some forgotten details or names but there was never a shadow of doubt regarding their truthfulness. What there was, in most cases, was a reminder of another story. The most ambitious thing we did was to occasionally move to the computer to fire up Google Earth to locate so 'n' so's farm or see where that old house was or explain the relationship between that house and that pond. Sweet.

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