Day 2: January 28, 2012
A Taste of the Dixie
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It was all expressway, including a bit of toll road, to Orlando where I moved onto the Dixie Highway for the day's final stretch. The first shot is facing south down Orange Avenue from my starting point at Colonial Drive. The Olde Dixie Fried Chicken is one of the few clues that this was once part of the DH. A brief web search verified that this restaurant has been here a long time but I did not find out exactly how long. And there's even a little two-lane Dixie left between Orlando and Kissimmee.

Kissimmee has a good looking -- but closed -- welcome center. The sculpture in front is Night Flight by John Wolfe. On Penfield Street, Kissimmee also has a good looking section of brick pavement.

The condition of the brick on Old Tampa Road isn't as good as that on Penfield but the road itself is cooler. Even though I eventually discovered that RoadsideAmerica has the marker cataloged, it was a real surprise when I first saw it. The sides are just fine but the front could have benefited by one more spellcheck pass.

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