Day 2: November 16, 2014
No Luck Today

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This is where I should be writing about the Battle of Franklin and showing photos of people in Civil War era dress preparing for the upcoming reenactment. Instead I've got a picture of empty vendor stands. The reason is that, although it's not apparent in the photo, those stands are sitting on rain soaked ground. Rain started sometime during the night had not stopped. There would be no reenactment.

Reenactment tickets could be applied to tours of the Carnton Plantation. I would have taken the tour anyway but that helped. I also purchased a ticket to the Battle Scarred exhibit which was loaded with battle related artifacts very nice displayed. Photographs were not permitted in either the McGavock mansion or the Battle Scarred exhibit but both provided some real quality time out of the rain.

The McGavock mansion was pressed into service as a hospital during "the bloodiest five hours of the Civil War". Inside many large and dark stains are still present from the blood of wounds and amputations. The 6,261 Confederate casualties (2,326 Federal) included six generals. At one point the bodies of four of those generals lay on the porch of the mansion.

Hardier or more curious visitors armed themselves with umbrellas and explored the cemetery. I didn't.

The rain had not and would not stop. It was never heavy but was constant and would still be falling when I went to bed. I took these pictures as I was leaving Carnton Plantation just about the time the battle reenactment had been scheduled to begin.

I returned to the motel and brought this journal up to date then enjoyed some good (but not great) BBQ before heading to the Bluebird Cafe. I arrived about half an hour before the doors were to open for a free show and there was a long line in front of the cafe. By the time I reached the end of the line, I was fairly certain it exceeded capacity but I took my place anyway. A canopy across the front of the building kept the continuing rain off our heads. I asked the people in front of me what they thought our chances were but it was their first time and they had no idea. I asked the same question when someone joined the line behind me and I got the same answer. It wasn't too long, however, before someone came along counting bodies and announced that capacity would be reached some 20 or 30 spots in front of me. Congratulations for being correct, sir. You lose. I used the word "luck" in the title for yesterday's entry because I thought it rather lucky to find Patrick Sweany playing on a night I was in town. It was quite obvious that my lucky streak did not make it past midnight.

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