Day 1: June 29, 2017
East to West Virginia

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Step one was getting to US-50 and heading east. I've driven this plenty of times and quite enjoy it. The sun really wasn't a problem today even though the second picture hints that it might be.

I stopped at Doc's Bainbridge Restaurant for breakfast. The new-to-me restaurant is on the west side of town with a small patio and good food.

I switched to US-35 at Chillicothe and headed more southerly. I turned off when I saw a sign for the Leo Petroglyphs. I've been here several times but it's been awhile and I thought it was probably time to take another look. Not much seems to have changed. The drawings on the rock are believed to be the work of Fort Ancient Indians about 700 years ago.

The day ended in Charleston but not before I checked out the capitol and the museum next to it. The capitol was constructed in 1932 to replace one burned in 1921. I've driven by here several times and have always been impressed but I had never been inside. Now I'm impressed with the inside, too. The last two pictures are of the senate and house representatives chambers.

The museum is also impressive. My pictures of random artifacts really don't do justice to the well designed presentations in the museum. I more or less rush through the museum because of parking meter concerns. There were nine minutes left when I returned to my car.

There were 33 states in the union when the Civil War began but there doesn't seem to be an official format for representing them on a flag. This 33 star flag was hanging in the Jefferson County Courthouse when Virginia succeeded. The tomahawk was used by Colonel Charles Lewis at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. George Washington used the wooden telescope for surveying in the 1740s and '70s. The noose may or may not be the one used to hang John Brown. I'm inclined to think not. There's no doubt, however, that Brown wore the handcuffs and collar in the case.

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