Day 8: December 28, 2017
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I know others travel the way I did today but it was not my normal. I stuck to expressways and occasionally popped off to see nearby attractions. The attractions I visited came from Roadside America. The first diversion was from I-26 to an old gas station on US-176 near Landrum, South Carolina. I took the first picture after I missed the station and pulled into a spot across the street to turn around. It's the only picture I got that shows the outhouse mentioned in the Roadside America tip.

Tryon, North Carolina, the birthplace of musician and activist Nina Simone, is just up the road across the state line. The timing of this visit made it feel a little special as Nina was just recently elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. She will be inducted on April 14.

Downtown Tryon looks really nice including the little theater just across the street from Nina Simone Plaza. Tryon is also the home of the Tryon Toy Makers and their symbol has become the town's symbol. Morris the Horse stands just yards from Nina Simone.

A mystery for the ages is how I missed even knowing about this place until I saw it on a Roadside America GPS listing while driving on an interstate. I've been within a mile of it as recently as last Friday. Harry's and Piggy's was open then. It wasn't today. I know that's punishment for my lack of attention and I clearly deserve it. I'll be back.

I stayed on interstates the rest of the way but it wasn't always boring. The first picture shows the sort of scenery I had from I-40 as it passes through the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. The second is of icicles along I-75 near Renfro Valley, Kentucky.

I've posted many daytime shots of the I-71/75 entrance to Cincinnati but I believe this is my first nighttime attempt. I also tried grabbing one of the city's name in lights on the convention center. Yes, both are more than half bad but it's a start.

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