Day 4: December 26, 2015
Wet Return

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I had reached Turkey Run State Park a little early on Wednesday and drove around the area a bit before checking in. I'd spotted these structures west of the park on US-41 and returned today for some photos. Jungle Park Speedway opened in 1926. Its half-mile track was a combination of asphalt and gravel. The last race here was in 1955 but some modern day fans have held reunions at the site as recently as 2014. I don't know if what looks like a restaurant was actually part of the speedway or something designed specifically to take advantage of the abundance of race fans and windmill aficionados. It is a short distance south of the track entrance.

I headed to nearby town of Marshall thinking that a restaurant there might be a good place for breakfast. It wasn't open and I'm now thinking it doesn't even serve breakfast. Any disappointment I felt was easily offset by seeing the town's 1921 arch.

Waveland does not have an arch but it does have a pretty cool mural and an open restaurant. Not only was the Cozy Corner open, its breakfast bar had just been set up so I was able to overeat for $7.99.

I continued more or less due east on a combination of IN-47, IN-234, and US-136 then dropped south the finish the Indianapolis approach on US-36. Those fellows I had breakfast with on Thursday have been talking about meeting up at the Mayberry Cafe in Danville someday. On Thursday Pat told us his impression was that they did not do breakfast. I accidentally verified that today. The restaurant was clearly closed as I paused to grab a picture but a man approached the front door and seemed genuinely surprised when it did not open. He was soon joined by a female companion who also seemed surprised that the door was locked. They persevered, however, and were soon rewarded when a woman opened the door from the inside. The restaurant regularly opens for lunch at 11:00 but, if you're a regular, they might let you in at 10:56.

Light rain started while I was in Danville. It would soon increase and would continue until I reached home. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were dry but both the going and the coming were very very wet.

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