Day 2: December 24, 2015
There's a Room at the Inn

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Road fan Dean Kennedy no lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but not long ago called Indianapolis home. Last evening, he announced his return for the holidays in an online post. Indy resident Pat Bremer responded with some talk about breakfast and before the night was over plans were in place for the three of us to meet at Charlie Brown's for breakfast. The restaurant is near the speedway and is filled with racing memorabilia. It's not unusual to find racing legends with names like Foyt and Andretti chowing down here but none were seen today. That's Pat on the left, Dean on the right, and my French toast in the middle.

It was cloudy all day but dry and warm. My drive west on US-136, once part of the Dixie Highway, was pleasant but semi-familiar and nothing grebbed at my camera. The first picture is a through-the-windshield shot of the entrance to Turkey Run State Park near Marshall, Indiana. The second is the front of Turkey Run Inn where I'll spend the next couple of nights. After checking into my room, I walked around the inn and paused at the Sunset Point overlook on Sugar Creek but there would be no sunset watching through those clouds. Dinner was a buffet at the inn.

I then briefly stepped outside for a night time look at the inn. Exterior decorations are rather low key but, while they aren't exactly gaudy inside, there are a number of nicely decorated trees.

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