Day 5: December 26, 2014
A Couple Connectors

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The Dixie Highway consisted of two north-south main lines and numerable connectors and loops. Four of those loops, all in Florida, were undriven by me when I left home but I intend to have driven all four by the time I leave the state this time. I drove two today.

The East Florida Connector begins less than twenty miles southwest of Saint Augustine at the town of Hastings. Less than a mile from the start, I took this picture of Bull's Hit Ranch & Farm because of the witty (with a w) name but was also pretty impressed with the amount of old farm equipment sitting around. A web search indicates it's a potato farm.

These pictures show bits of the connector near San Mateo and north of Crescent City.

On a whim, I pulled into the Barberville Pioneer Village and found it reasonably interesting. I'm sure it would be even more so with a little sunshine and a few more people. The 1919 Barberville Central High School got demoted to an elementary school in 1940 then retired in 1969. I've sat in desks just like those and recall identical teacher's desks at the front of classrooms. The last picture is of a turpentine still and I don't remember seeing one of those before.

In Winter Park, the brick paved Dixie Highway goes right through a golf course.

The East Florida Connector ends when it reaches the West Mainline at Orange & Colonial in Orlando.

I moved on to the Dixie Highway Central Florida Connector which runs between Kissimmee and Melbourne. For the most part, this connector is either cityfied and congested or divided four-lane that is also congested in spots. There is one interesting bit, however. East of Saint Cloud, the original alignment, now called Lake Lizzie Drive, can still be driven. It has been repaved with modern asphalt but remains the original nine-feet (estimated) wide.

I drove through Melbourne to the connector's end at US-1 then onto my motel. I returned to have dinner on the Dixie Highway. I remembered my camera but left every memory card I own back at the motel. My cell phone captured the pictures of Meg O'Malley's and my meal. Being there before 6:00 allowed me to get sliders (I chose one crab & shrimp cake and one banger) for $2 apiece and the "small" order of onion rings for $3.99. Food, beer, and -- obviously -- prices were all excellent.

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