Day 3: December 24, 2014
Rainy Day in Georgia

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I spent the night at the West Bank Inn in Augusta, Georgia. This was the same place I stayed in 2012 and, although it has changed owners since then, it was just as nice this time as the last. It was raining when I arrived and, as far as I know, never stopped while I was there. It was raining even heavier when I awoke at 3:00 AM and that remained the case when I woke up for real around 6:00 and when I left around 8:30. One result is another day withe very few pictures.

For more than an hour, the rain was relentless and the visibility poor. Water filled streams, ditches, and front yards. At last, Near the town of Sardis, I could see a bit of lighter sky ahead and started thinking that moving beyond the downpoor was a possibility. It was but not just yet. Just past Sardis, the rain started pounding even worse and, even though I knew that lighter sky was still out there, the rain was falling so hard locally that there wasn't a hint of it visually. The rain did lighten up considerably in a few miles but continued sporadically all the way to Savannah.

Friends were renting a house in Savannah, Georgia, and not only asked me to stop by but invited me to spend Christmas Eve with them. We (Kristen, Sherry, John, Eric, & Marie) had dinner at a neighborhood pub before settling down for the evening.

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