Day 1: December 22, 2014
Starting Down the Road

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I didn't get rolling particularly early and once I did most of the driving was on expressways and that means another page with not many photos. Near Knoxville, I slipped over to US-25W to check up on the Powell Airplane. It's looking good from every angle although the full frontal view may seem a little strange at first glance. There is an issue with the website associated with the plane ( but the Facebook page is active and indicates there was a fundraiser here in early December.

The Gingers posed for a vacation photo while at the station but it turned out to be their last time together. Pa Ginger broke his leg climbing down and had to be shot eaten.

Ma & Pa Ginger arrived as part of a package of goodies, accompanied by jars of peach and apple "moonshine", from Mixmaster Mary.

Yes, I've posted pictures of Litton's in the past and I've probably posted a picture of their famous 'burger but I don't believe I've ever posted a picture of Saw Works Pale Ale. See? Always something new.

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