Day 2: December 22, 2011
Rain, Riders, and Rope
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Today begins with a Public Service Announcement. The picture shows a mystery object in one of the cabinets at the Old Talbott Tavern. The card reads:
Unknown Artifact
Please help us identify this. Item was found after the 1998 fire. It has a wooden core with metal spikes. Do you know what it is?
Contact the Talbott through its website.

Another announcement is that Junior is no longer traveling with us. There is a recent picture here but there is no need to search for him. He went home with a waitress from the bourbon bar and is quite happy.

There is no shortage of Lincoln related stuff along US-31E south of Bardstown. I skipped most of it since I've photographed just about all of it at least once. And it was wet, too, I made an exception for the statue in Hodgensville since it was being repaired when I was last through here several years ago.

Wigwam General Store is where Frank Redford's very first Wigwam Village once sat and where I leave the Jackson Highway for the Dixie Highway. The General Store is also a gas station and a restaurant. All it needs is something to sleep in to be a true classic one-stop.

Over on the Dixie, Wigwam Village #2 has plenty of things to sleep in as it has for more than seventy years. The photo was taken from the Old Dixie Highway which passes behind the Village. By the time Redford started building tepees, the road was renamed and rerouted. Wigwam Village #2 faces US-31W.

When planning this trip, I noticed something called Old Dixie Highway Loop at the west edge of Park City. This is a picture from that very short loop which I drove for the first time today.

There was light rain throughout most of the morning but it really picked up as I passed through Bowling Green. It would remain steady and fairly heavy all the way to Nashville. Russellville marked the north end of a section of Dixie I'd not driven before so I got a picture of the well soaked park there. Between there and Nashville, the only picture I took was of a cute little cottage nestled beneath a shade tree. Then there is the wet entrance into Nashville and a shot of the Billy Graham statue taken while I was stopped at the light next to it. The Roadside America Garmin app alerted me to its existence.

The rain slacked off in Nashville and even stopped now and then as I continued on the Dixie Highway to Shelbyville. Some of this road, once I actually got outside of Nashville, was new to me. But much of it was divided four-lane and the general wetness kept even some of the two-lane from being very interesting. This Buddhist temple near Stones River National Battle Field was about the only thing with enough color to show through the gray.

The day's destination was Clearview Horse Farm a few miles south of Shelbyville. I got there after dark so outside photos will have to wait but I did get this shot of some of the other guests.

I learned that Thursday is "roping night" so, after dinner in Shelbyville, I strolled over to Clearview's arena for a look-see. This is practice for team roping which I now understand is the only rodeo event where men and women compete as equals. It was somewhat dark and the action is fast so the photos aren't great but it was sure fun to watch.

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