Day 3: December 24, 2010
Biscuit Gooooooooooood
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That's me in the Delta Queen supplied Turkish robe all showered and shaved and (Yeah, I did that, too.) ready for Christmas Eve.

The oddness at Aretha Frankenstein's begins with the oddly shaped lot which has just enough space for an entrance at its pointy end. The place is almost tiny with four tables and five seats at the bar/counter so it doesn't take a lot to fill it. Today it was overflowing. I and a couple other people even waited outside for awhile and several others simply left when they saw the number of people waiting for a seat. I eventually got inside and eventually got a seat at the bar where I shared my space with the screen for the cash register. It would have been really tough to photograph much of the decor today but I did quite a bit of that when I was here in September. Then I had a shrimp omelet but today I had your basic -- and delicious -- bacon & eggs. Of course, even this basic meal included three eggs, potatoes with onions & jalapenos, and a bigger-than-my-fist biscuit. And, yes, that's whipped butter. The crowd hadn't really diminished when I left and there were still people standing just inside the doors waiting to be bumped by them and to get a seat.

Back aboard the Delta Queen, Mr. & Mrs. Gingerbread make sure the youngsters know what to do in an emerg... Holy smoke! There's another "other kid" missing.

I did walk around the north shore business area but not too much was open and I didn't find much to photograph. I believe that there are some brick sculptures south of the river and I know I've seen them in at least one other city. This is the only one I saw today and the only photo from my walk.

Dinner was at Tony's, one of a trio of Bluff View Art District restaurants. The lobster ravioli was superb but the only external photo I have is this goofy looking night vision thing.

While on the south side of the river, I grabbed a close up shot of the light trees and an unobstructed shot of the Delta Queen. Then it was another shot of the light trees from the north shore and the third and final Delta Queen Christmas tree.

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