Day 2: November 23, 2009
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I'd never eaten breakfast at the Cozy Dog so decided that today would be the day. I was there about a quarter past 7:00 to read the sign on the door that says they open at 8:00. I easily burned off the time by getting pictures of a very tall Abe Lincoln statue that I'd not seen before. Then, since it's just around the corner from the fairgrounds, I stopped for a picture of Bill Shea's place even though I knew it would be closed. Today is Monday and I don't believe Bill is ever there on Mondays.

If there were people who wonder about such things (and I'm quite certain there aren't) they might be wondering why I didn't scurry home on Sunday or why I'm not moaning about using up a vacation day. Well, it just so happens that I don't have to worry about vacation days at all. I've been retired for a full week now. On Friday the 13th, I went from having a little more money than time to having a lot more time than money. I'm a man of means by no means but today: King of the Road.

Back at the Cozy Dog, breakfast was quite good and there was nothing out of the ordinary to report other than there was nothing out of the ordinary. All indications of yesterday's packed house, including the text on the tall sign in front, were gone and things looked completely normal.

From the Route 66 Yahoo e-group I knew about a place called Becky's Barn located "off the bricks" near Auburn and I intended to watch for it as I drove over the brick paved segment. I didn't have much watching to do. Almost immediately, a sign appeared to point me up a long gravel lane. The first picture is Becky's Barn and the second is Becky's house. Actually, it's Becky & Rick's house. Even though the business is officially closed for the winter and Becky is out of town and it was kind of early in the morning, once he had determined I was fairly harmless, Rick and I had a nice chat. He told me about the business, Rick's Rat Fink Garage, that he operates in another building on the property and about some of the fun he and Becky have had since "we adopted 66 or it adopted us". His favorites were two couples from Italy who were traveling Historic 66. When he asked about their favorite bits of America, one immediately answered "cold beer" and another "Johnny Cash". Rick really liked those choices and so do I.

I believe the brick pavement on Snell road was my first Sixty-Six serendipity when I drove the route back in 1999. The first picture here is an attempt, from memory, to duplicate this ten year old shot. Not too bad, I think.

Finding the 1920s turkey tracks is becoming easier and easier. There is now a sign and no excuse for missing them. The last picture shows a section of Deerfield Drive free of modern signs and buildings. Here's what it looked like in 1926.

I was happy to find Rich Henry at the Rabbit Ranch. As we chatted, Jerry McClanahan arrived with his dad and the visit became even more fun. That's McDad, McJerry, and Rich in the last photo.

Scotty's has turned into Weezy's since my last visit in 2008 but it looks much the same, including inside, and the new owners intend to keep that Sixty-Six atmosphere alive. Most of the paraphernalia and signs remain although a few personal items, including Traveler, the jackalope, did go with the previous owners.

In Mitchell, a train blocked the road so I had to go into the Luna Cafe for a beer and a picture. The picture isn't completely tasteless but neither is it all that tasteful. Click at your own risk. Plenty of half-witty comments come to mind but I'm sure you can supply your own for this photo without caption.

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