This blog is an accessory to Denny G’s Road Trips (dennygibson.com). It affects neither the focus nor the basic organization of the site.

It has two purposes. The first is to provide a place for conversations; To allow comments and feedback on not only blog posts but on the trip journals that are the foundation of the site. The second is to provide an outlet for topics other than road trips. Non-trip posts will occur at least every Sunday. They may occur more often if events warrant. Although just about anything other than politics or religion might be discussed, subjects such as music, festivals, and museums, are fairly common. All blog posts allow comments and that naturally supports the idea of conversation. For every trip I take, a blog post is made near the beginning of the trip for the express purpose of allowing comments related to that trip. All other trip information, including daily updates, appears, as it always has, in the main part of the website in what I refer to as a journal.

I also post some reviews in the blog and they tend to appear on Wednesdays though not every Wednesday gets one. Books and music are the most common review subjects. You will not be seeing a review of the latest novel or a new Taylor Swift CD here. The offerings of local or regional artists are the most likely subjects of my music reviews and books reviewed are those related to something I personally like such as old roads or cars.

Ideally my regularly scheduled Sunday posts would always concern something interesting that happened during the preceding week. Sometimes nothing happens. At other times, I’m too busy, perhaps on a road trip, to write anything. That’s when I post a canned article with no connection to current events. The article might come from any of four categories. My Gear and My Apps describe, respectively, hardware and software that I’ve used over the years in maintaining this website. My Wheels describes two and four wheeled vehicles I’ve owned. It is not restricted to vehicles used in documented road trips but goes all the way back to the dawn of my mobility. Posts in the fourth category, Trip Peeks, contain a picture from a randomly chosen completed road trip with a brief description and a link to the journal for that trip.

See something like an “About” for the entire site by visiting the FAQ page.

This page was revised on January 26, 2013. The original text, posted at the site’s launch in August of 2011, is here.