Book Review
50 @ 70
Denny Gibson

This could be the charm associated with third attempts, or it could be the out associated with third strikes. Seriously, though, I doubt it is either. Neither of my first two books, By Mopar to the Golden Gate or A Decade Driving the Dixie Highway, were hits, but neither were they whiffs. They were, to stay with the metaphor, fouled off and I’m still at bat.

50 @ 70 follows the others in form. It’s a travelogue with lots of pictures and it documents a particular accomplishment. The accomplishment it documents is the visiting of all fifty of the states that make up the USA. That, of course is the “50” in the title. “70” comes from the fact that I hit my fiftieth state just days ahead of my seventieth birthday.

Not all states are covered; Thirty-four were already logged before I started paying attention. The sixteen states that are covered are not covered evenly. After a couple of chapters to set the scene, each chapter deals with a trip that led to one or more new states. The last two trips led to Alaska and Hawaii and together fill about half of the book. North Dakota was reached on the way to Alaska, while the rest of the book is shared by the other thirteen states.

50 @ 70 is available as a Kindle download (with color photos) as well as a paperback. Either may be purchased through Amazon and the purchase of a paperback there includes the ability to acquire the Kindle edition for a couple bucks. I’ve also set up an eBay listing in order to make providing signed copies easier. I can’t offer access to the Kindle download or the potentially free shipping of Amazon but they can’t ship books with my scribbling in them.

50 @ 70, Denny Gibson, Trip Mouse Publishing, 2017, paperback, 9 x 6 inches, 142 pages, ISBN 978-1976189371.

Signed copies available through eBay.

Reader reviews at Amazon are appreciated and helpful and can be submitted even if you didn’t purchase the book there.

4 thoughts on “Book Review
50 @ 70
Denny Gibson

  1. Both the complete number of states and the large number of years are milestones reached by a comparative few. For one person to have done both results in a splendid book. Any time that a person’s age ends in zero is a time for contemplation. Splendid photos are accompanied by cogent descriptions in a book well worth anyone’s time and money to contemplate. A marvelous travelogue.

    • Fitting observations. Though I’m in some sense proud of reaching those landmarks, I feel a lot more appreciative than boastful. I (still) know plenty of people older than me but when I contemplate my own age it’s the people I’ve known who will never be this old that I think about most. Thanks for the kind words on the book. I try to “enjoy every sandwich”, piece of pie, and slice of SPAM.

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