Common Ground on the Hill 2017

A trip that will culminate at Common Ground on the Hill near Baltimore starts with a train ride in West Virginia and an Independence Day celebration in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

The trip journal is here. This entry is to let blog only subscribers know of the trip and provide a place for comments and questions.

2 thoughts on “Common Ground on the Hill 2017

  1. Because you missed a couple of your goals this time – the homes of James Madison and James Monroe – perhaps you could consider starting a compilation of visits to American presidents’ homes. Like your auto journeys to all 50 states, it will take time – but the time will pass anyway. From Mount Vernon to Trump Tower – in any order you choose – that would be an epic cruise.

    • That would indeed be epic and living in Ohio (the home of 8 presidents) gives me a slight advantage. I’ll have to think about that. For the record, while I skipped visiting Monroe’s home, I did make it to Madison’s place.

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