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Tim Goshorn has been gone just over a week. He died of cancer last Saturday. During that week, photos and memories from friends, fans, family, and other musicians have filled the internet. The few photos I have don’t begin to compare with the many great ones I’ve seen and my memories don’t go back as far or go nearly as deep as many. But I do have memories. Lots of them. All good. Most with tapping toes and a big grin.

I didn’t really know who Tim Goshorn was before that day in 1994 when I walked into Tommy’s on Main. Prior to that, I thought of the Goshorn Brothers as Larry and Dan who had teamed up in the Sacred Mushroom in the 1960s. I must have seen Tim play at least once before, though. I had attended one Pure Prairie League concert and I’m sure Tim was on stage that night but it didn’t really register. Although I liked Pure Prairie League’s music and very much appreciated the talents of its members, I was not a big PPL fan. I was a Larry Goshorn fan.

That first night at Tommy’s, Larry and Tim played alone. That continued for a few more nights then PPL drummer Billy Hinds came in with a snare and some brushes. Before long Billy was sitting behind his full kit and bassist Mike Baney and keyboardist Steve Schmidt had joined what always comes to my mind first when I think of the Goshorn Brothers Band. There were other lineups over the years and every one was impressive but the classic Larry-Tim-Billy-Steve-Mike lineup is the one that impressed me most.

It lasted less than two years but it taught me who Tim Goshorn was. A typical week had the GBB playing three nights at Tommy’s and I was often there for at least one of them. Sometimes more. I got to know Tim as an outstanding guitarist and as at least a casual friend. That GBB version ended in December of 1995 when Mike Baney was shot and killed in the parking lot during a robbery.

There were other reasons involved but that murder was sort of the beginning of the end for Tommy’s. The Goshorn Brothers Band continued with various members for many years and I saw them many times. Watching Larry and Tim trade off leads was one of my biggest pleasures. I also saw the duo a lot. A wonderful period for me was when they played Friday evenings at the Golden Lamb’s Black Horse Tavern in Lebanon. They started at 7:00 which meant an old man like me could have a couple beers and hear some great music and still get home before bedtime. It was there that Tim and I helped each other finish off what we think was the only bottle of Buffalo Trace in an Ohio bar at the time.

After brother Larry eased into retirement in 2012, I often saw Tim with the Tim Goshorn Band and the pretty much identical Friends of Lee. I also saw him with other groups and duos. I enjoyed them all. Tim was always entertaining, always seemed to be having a good time, and always made an effort to say hi.

In October of 2014, I saw Tim perform with the current Pure Prairie League. This time his presence registered very much. This time I was a Tim Goshorn fan. I wish I had a better picture. They’re out there. The last time I saw him play was at DeSha’s on US-22. It’s nearby and, as I have on other occasions, I stopped in for one set on the way to somewhere else. I spoke with Tim at the break and actually stayed for a few more songs. Damn, he was good.

My favorite Tim Goshorn song is Colors. The version from the 1994 True Stories (Live at Tommy’s) can be heard via YouTube here. A 2011 Chuck Land produced video of the brothers performing it can be seen here. All the Lonesome Cowboys might be my second favorite (It’s neck and neck with Sun Shone Lightly.) Tim Goshorn song. It opens a nearly hour long 1995 concert video of the original Tommy’s GBB line up (minus Steve) that can be seen here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories of Tim. I think all the stories about Tim I’ve read the last few days are a good way to smile through our grief.

  2. I too have great memories of GBB at Tommys. I met Tim in 1987 when he was playing in a band at 20 mile house in Landen. We became great friends and I spent much of my 20s hanging out wherever GBB happened to be playing. He was the most talented guitar player I know. His presence simply lit up a room. I was crushed when I heard he had passed and so sad that I didnt get to say goodbye.

      • Yep!! I was already a friend of the band when Tim joined. A bunch of us who worked at Steinbergs in Kenwood hung out there. I hate that they tore it down. When I moved to Centerville after that Tim would play solo at Sneakers occasionally.

  3. I had the privilege to host Larry and Tim at Allyn’s for a good while (Thursday nights) Their Band often played on the Weekends back in the day. I can put their albums on and listen to them for hours. I honestly can only say that for a couple other groups. The Goshorn brothers had a great following as we’ve seen in all the memories shared this past week. RIP Tim Goshorn

    • Don’t think I ever saw the duo there but believe I saw both GBB and TGB (and others). Good times. I agree about the albums. True Stories remains a favorite of mine 20+ years later.

  4. I’d known Timmy since we were both 10.We were neighbors who grew up together on Drake. He practiced his guitar skills playing Ticket For An Aeroplane over and over and over ad nauseum.Still can’t sit through that song ….but for another reason now. He’s gone.
    He would scrunch up his face when I asked him to play my fave House Of The Rising Sun.
    We did the usual neighborhood things for the time….baseball in the street,snow forts ,neighborhood pool.But I think one of our favorite things was going to the movies.We would go to the 20th Century matinee.50¢
    Then we would go home and reenact the He hung out on our front porch with us a lot .I remember when his grandfather died and he came over to talk about it …on the front porch.
    Last time I saw him he spoke about not being able to afford to buy his old home on Drake. We both teared up a little and changed the subject.
    Fast forward a couple of weeks….he’s gone.
    Farewell Timmy.Godspeed.

  5. Denny, thank you so much for all the kind things you had to say about Timmy and Larry. I’ve been with Larry for over 3 decades and I can tell you The Goshorn Brothers were my favorite band! Even if I didn’t kniow the brothers they would have been my favorite. Timmy was an excellent slide player too. One of the best in fact. Your words ring so true and they really touched my heart. Thank you!

    • And thank you for stopping by. I wish I’d mentioned Tim’s slide work since it was something that kind of developed during the time I knew him. He never stopped learning. Your comments are very much appreciated.

      • I was a photographer solely for musicians, in the 90’s. I was responsible, for all of the photographs, at the Blue Wisp – Jazz Club.
        Tim and Larry Goshorn, along w/Michael Barney, were very dear friends.
        I will never forget that awful night, at Tommy’s On Main, when Michael Baney, was shot and killed. He was a dear friend, that also, tuned my piano. I’ve not let anyone touch it, since the awful loss, of Michael Baney.
        [I have a 1895 Chickering piano.]
        I’m shocked and saddened, at reading of the loss of Tim Goshorn. He was a dear friend, of days gone by.
        Prayers going up, to family and friends. ❤️
        I’d like to attend the memorial, for Tim. ( I hope this gets to you, in a timely, manner.)
        I no longer live in Hyde Park..
        I’m moving to Earlinger, as I am writing this.
        Please send me info., on the memorial.
        You wrote a lovely tribute, for the entire scene, at Tommys, and beyond….
        Godspeed, dear Tim. R.I.P. ?

        Thank you, kindly.
        Noreen K.P.

    • Yes Denny, your kind words, touched my heart, as well.
      Thank you.
      God bless, The Goshorn family and friends.

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