Trip Peek #32
Trip #105
Sixty-Six the Hard Way

pv83This picture is from my 2012 Sixty-Six the Hard Way trip. It’s of a humpback whale taken on a day when we saw 25-30 of the creatures along with numerous other whales, dolphins, and birds. I had driven to Boston then, after spending a day there, to Provincetown on Cape Cod where I spent a couple of days and got in a whale watching cruise. There are just three even-numbered (i.e., east-west) twin-digit US Highways. One is, or rather was, the famous but decommissioned Route 66. The others are US 22 and US 44 which, when added together, total 66. Ergo this trip’s name and its route. Along the way, I stopped in Pennsylvania at Allentown’s America on Wheels museum and the Martin guitar factory in Nazareth.

Trip Pic Peeks are short articles published when my world is too busy or too boring for a current events piece to be completed in time for the Sunday posting. In addition to a photo thumbnail from a completed road trip, each Peek includes a brief description of that photo plus links to the full sized photo and the trip journal it is from.

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