Clinching the Dixie

Dixie Highway MarkerAlthough the impetus for this trip is a Greater Cincinnati Miata Club visit to Indianapolis, the more exciting thing for me personally is completing a drive of the full Dixie Highway. On Saturday and Sunday, members of the Cincinnati club will hook up with members of the Indianapolis club for a couple meals, a couple driving tours, and a couple museum visits. On Monday, I’ll depart Indianapolis to follow the Dixie Highway to Chicago.

The journal for the trip is here. This entry is to let blog subscribers know of the trip and to provide a place for comments.

2 thoughts on “Clinching the Dixie

    • It’s pretty easy to add yourself. If, as I’m guessing, you’re interested in the announcements of daily trip updates, that’s the “On the Road” list here. There are a few different things to subscribe to and different ways to subscribe which makes it better if folks do their own subscribing. To help with that, the third item on the Frequently Asked Questions list is “How can I keep up with it?”

      That said, if you don’t want to dig through that junk and my guess about you just wanting on the the daily trip announcements list is correct, I’d be happy to add you directly. Just say so with a reply to this.

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