Christmas Escape 2014

pic01dDespite a sincere and publicly proclaimed desire to get to Key West last year, it didn’t happen. I can’t guarantee it will this year either but at least I’m headed that direction. I attended the Lighting of the Serpent on the evening before leaving and have plans to drive some Dixie Highway both coming and going. I’ll probably also visit some friends and/or relatives somewhere along the way.

The journal for the trip is here. This entry is to let blog subscribers know of the trip and to hold any and all comments.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Escape 2014

  1. Lots of fun in Key West. Too bad Pat Dailey or Mad Dog Adams weren’t playing there when you visited. That is how we found out about Put-in-Bay.

    Hope you stopped at Islamorada, especially Hog Heaven.

    • I’ll have to work on seeing Dailey or Adams. I’m kind of hooked on Michael McCloud so adjusted my visit just a little to make sure I could see him. Stopped at Islamorada Beer Company (a brewery) on the way down and Wazoo’s (near Hog Heaven) on the way back.

  2. Denny G, you have the most entertaining travel website there is. Your photos are outstanding, you post them promptly, and your computer wizardry drops my jaw. I like that nice year-end jaunt to Key West ending in Bradenton. You make it all sound easily doable, and because of you I am making it a point to drive beyond my normal comfort zone in 2015 – so LOOK OUT, all drivers within 1000 miles of Denver.

    • I certainly appreciate the compliments but am sure the word “wizardry” is out of place. At best, I manage to fumble through some stuff that most teenagers do without thinking. Not much would make me happier than thinking something I’ve said or done makes you want to do some exploring.

  3. I have been enjoying each entry every day on your trip diary. Makes me long for a trip to Florida! Jeff and I were in Lake Wales about a decade ago and checked out Spook Hill. Nothing spooky going on that day. I also love the stories about the small town diners.

    • I sure can’t call my broad daylight experience spooky but the car definitely rolled backwards. I think the coolest thing in that immediate area is Bok Tower which I didn’t visit this time but did in 2012. Beautiful flowers, music, and more.

  4. And, inside the Varsity, you’d best know exactly what you’re ordering or risk the person waiting on you at the counter’s ire. Then enjoy their translation of your order.

    • Even though I ate outside, I studied the “Varsity Lingo” web page so I wouldn’t look stupid. Don’t think it worked. I’m looking forward to eating inside next time.

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