Route 66 Festival 2014

pic01bI am now on my way to the 2014 International Route 66 Festival in Kingman, Arizona. My first day ended in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is not exactly on the imaginary straight line connecting Cincinnati and Kingman. In fact, it is at least 300 miles from any such line and I’m going to get a lot farther away from it before I’m done. I’m starting out in Tennessee because I’ll be visiting my son in San Diego before the festival and I’m following the Old Spanish Trail, which starts in Saint Augustine, to San Diego. Between Chattanooga and Saint Augustine, I’ll be on the Dixie Highway which isn’t any farther off of a Cincinnati to Saint Augustine line than those fancy modern interstates. I’ll probably get on the route in the title a little before the festival and I’ll certainly drive parts of it as I head home afterwards but, if Route 66 is the only reason you’re here, you’ve got a couple of weeks to wait.

The trip journal is here. This blog entry is to make blog-only followers aware of the trip and to provide a place for comments which are very welcome and appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Route 66 Festival 2014

  1. Hey, Denny, maybe we’ll wind up chasing each other across the country like a couple of years ago. See you soon!

  2. Been following your trip thinking I could meet for coffee. Just read where I missed you at WigWam and I am leaving for Vegas today, 8-14-14. Be there tonight and returning to Santa Ana. Where are you today?? Hope to share the coffee, john w

    • We were really close on this one. I spoke with John on the phone twice. After the first conversation it looked like a meeting in Kingman was likely but the real world stepped in again and the second conversation was about John’s Las Vegas business taking some extra time and knocking off the meeting. We’re getting closer and will sure keep trying.

  3. Denny, your recent pic of the Gay Parita signs brought back a lot of memories, specifically “Gas War”! As a teenager in Huber Heights, OH (1965-66), I worked at a Clark Oil Company gas station there-gas wars would “break out” periodically and we’d be selling gas for as low as 13-15 cents a gallon PLUS giving out double/triple/quadruple S&H Green Stamps! !

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