Valiant No More

Valiant in trailerThe Valiant departed this evening for its new home. I thought it would sell for a little more than it did, but I’m satisfied with the price and am much more than satisfied with the purchaser. Even though I claim no child or pet like emotional attachment to the car, it’s still nice to think it is off to a good home and that’s something the several telephone conversations I’ve had with the new owner have made me pretty certain of. Goodbye old girl, you’re going to have a much easier time traveling to Oklahoma than you did propelling yourself from there in July.

9 thoughts on “Valiant No More

  1. I thought you got rid of the Subaru for the Valiant. I had an 04 Mazdaspeed prior to the Z. Loved it! My brother-in-law is on his second Miata. He loves them too!

    • No, the Subaru is my “normal” car. The Valiant replaced a 2006 Corvette coupe. Every Mazda owner I’ve talked to says about the same. The fellow who bought the Valiant is on his 5th Miata.

  2. Sorry for your loss. That Valiant was… well… valiant… and served you VERY well on your big summer LH trip. But I’d never disagree with another satisfied Subaru driver!

    • Yes, I’m sorry to see it go but I never intended to keep it long term. I’m sure you’ll see it again. The man who bought it lives in Oklahoma and said he has been to Afton Station once or twice.

  3. I’m certain that when you’re ready you’ll find a great Miata. Both of the one my brother-in-law bought were used.

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