Lincoln Highway Association
Centennial Tour

lhh100On June 30, two groups of cars will converge on Kearney, Nebraska, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Lincoln Highway Association on July 1. I will be part of the one coming from the east. The launch from Times Square is still two days away on Saturday but I left home Wednesday in order to make it in time. The groups will follow, as close as practical, the original Lincoln Highway route and, if all goes well, I will continue west on the route following the celebration and conference in Kearney.

The journal for the trip is here. This will be the only blog entry related to the trip and will serve to hold any and all comments.

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Centennial Tour

  1. Born 1921. Will write about my boyhood in Forest Hills PA and Mansfield OH. Lifetime fan of Lincioln Highway and following your Centennial Tour blog.

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  2. Early Saturday (on day 01 of the Centennial tour) you passed (or maybe stopped at) Menlo Park NJ, abandoned site of Edison’s laboratories where in October 1879, he invented the incandescent electric light. His friend Henry Ford accurately reproduced the Menlo Park site in 1929 at his Greenfield Village in Dearborn MI. I became somewhat of a minor authority about all of this when, at age 16 in 1937, I was hired as a guide there (40 cents an hour!) during my senior year at Dearborn High School and my undergrad years at the University of Michigan..

    • We did stop and got to see the museum. The tower is still closed. The guides there are all volunteers so 40 cents an hour would be a big increase for them.

  3. See you all in Delphos, Ohio on Wed. 6/26/2013. Stop in the Canal Museum while you are here. We are located on the Miami and Erie Canal on Main St. In Delphos.

    • The one day I get to Delphos when the museum is open, I’m pressed for time. I did meet a cohort of yours at lunch although I let the name slip away. I will be back.

  4. Denny, It was so nice to meet you and John at Jean Bonnet Tavern Sorry the rain prevented a proper farewell. I took four pictures that I will send you. You also made the front page of the Bedford Gazette. Nice shot of your car with you and John inside and me outside talking to John about my camera. I will send that to you, too. Hope you are continuing to have a good trip. Rose Wurm

    • John & I also enjoyed the meeting and the conversation. It’s a great “small world” story. I found the Gazette picture with a search but, not being a subscriber, couldn’t read the article. Whatever you can send will be appreciated. Use the email link on the home page of

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