Morristown 2012 Holiday Tour of Homes

Methodist Church MorristownOn Saturday I toured several nicely restored and decorated homes on the National Road in Morristown, Ohio. An Oddment page on the Holiday Tour of Homes is here.

This entry provides a place for comments on that Oddment as well as covering some “support activities”.

Twin Pines MotelTwin Pines MotelMy bed for the night was at the Twin Pines Motel a few miles east of Morristown. I had read a couple of reviews that made it sound OK and it was. It’s a clean and reasonably maintained older place with no frills but all the necessities including wi-fi. Price was about $50 with tax. There is a look at my room here.

ChapzChapzChapz is on the National Road between Morristown and the Twin Pines. I stopped there for a beer before the home tour and for a ‘burger after. Anything that looks that unhealthy just has to taste great and it did. Just as the sign shows, female bartenders and waitresses wear Daisy Dukes and motorcycle chaps. Depending on age and size that can look really hot… or not.


5 thoughts on “Morristown 2012 Holiday Tour of Homes

  1. Chaps really looks like it should be renamed The Boar’s Nest, doesn’t it?

    I’ve never followed the National Road through Ohio. I really should get around to that someday. I always ended it in Wheeling. Maybe I’m just old fashioned. 🙂

    • Chapz would make a fine Boar’s Nest. There was a group having a party at a long table while I was there and I asked about it. It was the company Christmas party for one of the owner’s (there are two) primary business. He’s a dentist.

      History on the NR is certainly tapered with many more layers on the east than on the west but even the newer sections make for an interesting drive;-) I hope you took a look at the 1849 suspension bridge in Wheeling before turning around.

      • Oh I’ve been over the bridge countless times. I used to live in Wheeling (well, near it – Moundsville, sort of). Always loved the bridge. I think I’ve even mentioned it in one of the earlier posts in CWDG. Hard to remember.

  2. Very Nice! Wish we could have been there. Beleve one of the houses was the Davison House; Mom was a Davison

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