Christmas Escape Repeat

Delta Queen, Christmas Day 2010That’s the steamship Delta Queen pictured to the right. The picture was taken on December 25, 2010 when Chattanooga got its first Christmas Day snow fall in 41 years. I don’t expect to see scenes like that again though I am returning to the Queen for Christmas 2012. Once the holiday is past, I’ll be driving a little Dixie Highway and spending a little time in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m now on the way and spent last night in LaFollette, Tennessee. The short journal for that first day’s drive is here with the overview of the trip here. As usual, daily journals will be posted as the trip progresses. If you would like to be notified of each day’s posting, look into the available mailing list or RSS feed. This will be the only blog entry related to this trip and will serve to hold any and all comments.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Escape Repeat

  1. Hey Denny, I’m also on my Christmas escape trip doing my Western North Carolina barbecue tour. Did some fun US 52 driving in WV and VA today and saw the Big Walker Lookout and the giant pencil in Wytheville. Had a great BBQ tray at Cook’s BBQ in Lexington for dinner today.


    • I finally got around to some map checking and it looks like I’ll probably be near Wytheville on the 1st or 2nd. RoadsideAmerica may have alerted me to the pencil and Lookout but that can’t always be counted on nor can my cooperation with them. Of course, I’m not sure how things will actually work out but maybe I can follow in your footsteps a bit more closely than normal. Hope your escape is a successful one.

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