I Surrender

When I started this blog I committed to a post every Sunday. I’m currently on a road trip and when I left home I knew that maintaining the trip journal would take most of my time but that I would have to fill at least three Sundays before the trip ended. I had two posts ready and a couple more that were maybe 75% done. I hoped to find time to complete one of those before week three came around. What was I thinking? Not only didn’t I finish another blog post, I’ve been as many as three days behind in maintaining the journal. I’m currently about two days behind. So this is all I got. It is, technically, a blog post so I have, in a weasely sort of way, kept my commitment. But it is entirely content free and represents not success but surrender.

I give up on making a meaningful Sunday post this week. I hope to do better next week.

3 thoughts on “I Surrender

  1. Tip: Find some favorite road-trip photos. Write one, two paragraphs about each. Save them in your WordPress queue. When you have a Sunday like this, trot one of them out and publish it. Problem solved!

    • Good advice that I’ll probably put into practice when I get home or next Sunday which ever occurs first. The My Gear & My Apps posts were supposed to do that for me and I’ve had as many as six in the queue. But road trip season has emptied the cupboard and even those posts take longer than what you suggest.

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