American Sign Museum Reopening

American Sign MuseumMark your calendars. On June 23, the American Sign Museum begins full five-days-a-week operation at its new bigger and taller location just a few blocks from Camp Washington Chili. There were previews on Friday & Saturday and I assure you that seeing an entire Mail Pouch barn side in a museum is not the same as seeing pictures. I’ve created an Oddment page for those previews and this blog entry simply points to that page and provides a place for comments.

This way to the Oddment.

8 thoughts on “American Sign Museum Reopening

  1. Was that the El Rancho Motel sign out front from 66?

    Great to see they have the new place, I was really impressed when we went there on the American Road trip.

    • No. Apparently that came from DeSoto, Kansas. El Rancho is probably a fairly common name for motels. I remember that Cincinnati used to have a place called El Rancho Rankin.

      You’ll have to get back here to see the new museum once it gets things going smoothly. It’s now close to Camp Washington Chili.

    • An easy day trip. Just exit the Dandy Trail at US-52 and head east. I’m guessing your boys would even enjoy much of it although some healthy nostalgia does help.

  2. Denny, the narrative, links, and images are wonderful. Only… I couldn’t get your last link – ‘this sucker’ – to work. I have a pretty good idea what it’s of (did I do good on its placement?), but hope you’ll be able to fix the link. And I hope you’ll continue to chronicle all our milestones. Thanks for a great job.

    • Oops! Looks like my proofreading staff has been slacking off. Thanks for the alert. The correction has been made.

      Your placement was fantastic — clearly much better than mine — and better than I could reasonably hope for even after your hints. Sorry I didn’t get to say hi over the weekend. I believe that the only time I saw you was when Tod pointed you out from the podium. My fault for not making more of an effort. I know there will be more milestones but this one was huge. I think Cincinnati may be starting to realize what it’s got here.

  3. Thanks, Denny, for docuementing the sneak preview and promoting our new digs. Great photos! . . . and a very cool message on your paver. Others will just have to come and see for themselves. Thanks again . . .

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