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C-141 Starlifter and YC-125B Raider at Air Force MuseumThe National Museum of the US Air Force is about 35 miles away from my home. I drive by it at least a couple of times a year. Almost the instant I retired I told myself I’d get up there soon on a weekday and avoid those weekend crowds. So, over two years after telling myself that and well over two decades after my last visit, I made it to the museum on an unseasonably warm February Friday. I’ve posted an Oddment page here. Comments may be made to this blog entry.

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  1. About the gals that ferried combat aircraft during WWII – they flew, eventually, just about everything that had wings on it, up to and including the B-29’s and flew them just about everywhere in the world.
    Take a few minutes and google Womens Air Service Pilots and see what these girls did. One good link is here –
    In the end, when the war was winding down and male pilots coming back to the U S in droves, the girls were quite literally told to go home – don’t need you any more.
    It took quite a few years before they were officially recognized.

    • The last time I absolutely positively remember going was with my sons over thirty years ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve been there at least once since then but I can’t recall a single detail. Now that it’s back on my radar, I can see myself making short impromptu stops now and then.

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