Merry Christmas

Wow! I had no idea producing a Christmas Day blog entry would be this hard. The schedule I set has Sunday as the day to post a new entry. I also created some guidelines  which say that, even though support for road trip comments is one of the blog’s roles, road trips should not impact the blog’s “regular” entries. That guideline came into being after trying to synchronize the two became rather messy. I’m now finding out that consciously not synchronizing them can be messy, too. If I weren’t on a road trip, I could write about anything I’ve done during the preceding week. Since I am on a trip, anything of that sort that I write has the potential for duplicating something in the road trip report. My intent was that a Sunday in the midst of a trip might get a canned “My Gear” style post if no other non-trip related topic came to mind. I’d do that now but IT’S CHRISTMAS. I can’t just ignore that fact because I happen to be on a road trip. In hindsight, I could have written some sort of essay on the holiday weeks ago but I didn’t and I can’t really do that now — off the cuff — in an hour or two.

So, if I’m not going to write about the current road trip and I consider a “My Gear” too trivial for a Christmas Day topic, what can I do? I can think of nothing so nothing it will be. This blog post intentionally left clear of any real content except to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and suggest taking a look at the road trip I’m not talking about.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. A clear case of overthinking. Just write what’s in your head. There’s so much in there that surely something wants to come out to alleviate the crowding. Oh, and also. . . Merry Christmas!

    • You are quite right about the over thinking. But somehow, as my self imposed deadline ticked closer after a Honky Tonk afternoon, I felt obligated to write two paragraphs of blather to explain why I was just saying Merry Christmas. I promise it will never happen again probably.

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