Rest Home for Dummies

I’ve decided that one of the circumstances resulting in extra blog posts, is posting to the base website. I won’t make a blog entry for every daily update of a road trip but I will do at least one for every trip and Oddment addition. What happened was I realized that, if I wanted to allow feedback via the blog and I’m the only guy who can start something here, I better do it for trips and such even if they don’t line up very well with the Sunday afternoon schedule. So here’s the first “extra”:

Just south of the border, in Fort Wright, Kentucky, there’s a wonderful but unpretentious looking place where retired ventriloquist dummies go to finish out their days — quietly. Click here to see the page on my first visit to Vent Haven Museum.

2 thoughts on “Rest Home for Dummies

  1. Ya Did It Again!!
    You ‘found’ another unique place to visit. How did you find this place? Where did you research for these unique places?
    Good job Denny, thanks—j

    • Vent Haven is very close to Cincinnati and, even though it doesn’t get tons of publicity, there have been a few local articles on it. As for “research”, my favorite website for this sort of thing is I stop by there on a regular basis.

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