Day 4: Apr. 25, 2004
Home Without Incident



During the first day or two of this trip, I had thought that this might be the best day, weather wise, of them all. But Saturday night reports predicted otherwise. Storms were moving eastward and it looked like rain was almost certainly on today's schedule. And it was rain that appeared, in TV radar's most threatening shade of red, as a blob covering our entire route. That made it an even easier decision to forget any idea of back road exploration and travel I-65 to Louisville behind Ray and Karen. There wouldn't be much we could do if the tire failed on the way but at least we would be there. We photographed some other budget motels in this tourist town no longer in it prime and headed for a rendezvous near the expressway.

When we first drove down 31W on Friday, Chris had seen a spot where a red dogwood tree had been planted so close to a white one that, together, they gave the illusion of a single, half red and half white, tree. I had missed it and neither of us could find it on a subsequent trip that covered both directions. We found this one along SR 70 and offer it as a substitute. It is also the last picture of the trip. Fortune smiled on us again and we saw only a couple of short stretches of decidedly light rain. The sky was far from clear and we could sometimes see rain falling in the distance but almost none fell on us. Still, we kept to the interstate and we all know how photogenic the typical interstate is.

There was an unwarranted scare when Ray was unable to avoid running over a piece of truck tire tread and we saw bits of black rubber coming from the yellow Z06. But we quickly realized what had actually happened and both the piece of tire and the scare were soon behind us. We paused briefly, in a parking lot near the Louisville airport, to say goodbye to Ray and Karen then, Chris and I returned to I-65 and headed on home. We continued on the expressway and the rain continued to do little more than threaten.

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