Day 2: Apr. 23, 2004
At the Museum



Rain returned during the night. The wigwams are easier to see in the daylight but they are still a bit obscure in the wet. I'll try to get some dry pictures before we leave.

We set off in pouring rain for the thirty mile drive to the National Corvette Museum. Once again the clouds parted for us and the sun was peaking through the clouds by the time we reached Bowling Green. Before we even got there, plans for the C6 presentation had been moved from outside to inside than back outside again. That's where it actually took place. My first glimpse of the new model was when Will Cooksey pulled this red coupe up to the front of the museum. A short time later, two blue cars appeared from the other direction. The first was a coupe driven by Dave Hill (that's him with the mike) and the second a convertible with Rick Baldick at the wheel. A total of eight colors are available for 2005.

After the crowd thinned out, I was able to try on the C6 convertible for size. It was a perfect fit.

Here the NCM's Stephanie Morrill is ready to show Ray Ehly, Jr. the new brick commemorating last year's drive through all 50 states. Ray picked up his Z06 just as last year's Birthday Bash was getting underway. After joining the Bash for a couple of days, Ray headed out for a tour of all of the United States that ended back in Bowling Green for the Corvette 50th Anniversary celebration. Check out that adventure along with Ray's current drive at All50Corvette.

On the way back to the wigwams on US 31W, I grabbed pictures of a couple of sites we had passed in the morning rain. The first is a very large abandoned motel whose name I'm not quite sure of. The only words on the sign are "camp", "modern", and "cabins". It might have nothing to do with a name and could just be saying that you can either camp there or stay in the modern cabins. Or, the place may have been named Camp Modern Cabins. There is a large horseshoe around the word "camp" and a real horseshoe over the front door. Maybe it was Horseshoe Camp with modern cabins. Whatever the name, luck seems to have run out for the place and it may or may not be associated with the upside down shoe letting the luck pour out.

The last picture was taken from in front of the modern cabins and may offer a clue as to where the luck went. I don't know what it is but it is big, fancy, and has two key pads to operate the big gates out front. A very modern cabin for sure.

On the way south we had caught little but the word "stagecoach". On this pass, we stopped to read the whole sign and photograph the large house.

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