Day 41: July 26, 2016
A Peaceful Conclusion

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Yesterday, as I turned onto the exit for my motel, Roadside America alerted me to a nearby attraction. On the map it looked like it was right at the motel but I saw nothing and was too busy following directions to really look around. Once I was parked, I figured out that it was Bessie the Cow and she was right across the street. I took this picture before leaving this morning.

When my path looked like it would lead me to close to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, I thought I might meet up with my friend, Don, who lives just a little to the south. Turns out Don was in North Carolina dealing with family matters but I followed the black asphalt (Shouldn't that be yellow brick?) into town and past the big fish (Definitely not a bluegill.) and fisherman.

I'm here because of John Prine. The Twin Lakes are at the heart of his song Lake Marie and this is the bridge that crosses the short and narrow channel that connects them. Lake Mary is on the left in the first picture. Lake Elizabeth is on the right. Yes, the Twin Lakes are Elizabeth and Mary. The song name is Lake Marie. This is, of course, a good example of why one should use maps rather than song lyrics for actual guidance when traveling. Prine used history, legend, news, and his own memories of time spent on lake shores in the song. His own memories were from Lake Marie rather than Lake Mary so the two sort of merged. I knew that but what I didn't know until I got home was that Prine's Lake Marie is less than ten miles from Lake Mary. If I hadn't wrongly assumed that it was a long way off, I'd have driven over there and done a little more standing by peaceful waters.

I recognized Donovan's Reef as a place Don has mentioned and decided that stopping in was in order. At a little after 11:00 AM it was pretty empty but I've no doubt that it gets pretty busy at game time or when the fish stop biting.

I headed south on US-12 with enough thirst left to justify a stop at this classic Dog 'n' Suds. Of course if I wasn't thirsty enough, one look at that frosty mug would do it.

The trip didn't quite end there but the pictures did. I hooked up with my friend Cort near Elgin, Illinois, and I drove over the Lincoln Highway Ideal Section in Dyer, Indiana. I totally forgot to grab a picture while Cort and I were together and I hit Dyer around rush hour so all I could manage was a blurry drive-by shot of the markers. They're looking good and appear ready for the return of the plaques. This site is undergoing a fairly major overhaul that should make it more accessible as well as generally improving its appearance.

I reached home about 11:00 PM Tuesday with just 1108.2 miles on the meter. The way to do that when traveling to Alaska is to use a car with a five digit trip odometer.

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