Day 38: July 23, 2016

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Just like Thursday, today started with a thirtyish mile long detour to the north. This time it was to Pipestone National Monument. Soft red stone from here was used by Native Americans to make ceremonial pipes and other objects. Inside the visitors center, informative displays told about the stone and the site and two carvers were doing demonstrations and answering questions.

Outside a paved 3/4 mile trail leads to and then along the rock face where much of the rock was obtained. The last part of the trail runs along an attractive stream that includes a rather pretty waterfall. The pipes, the stone, and therefore the location are considered sacred to many natives. They frequently visit the site for spiritual reasons including prayer. Signs caution against removing items found beside the trail. I noticed a couple of native visitors today as well as indications of other visits.

With a big chunk of the morning spent traveling the wrong direction, my forward progress was limited to maybe 150 miles and I ended the day in Albert Lea, Minnesota. That makes for a slow news day and all I've got is Pitchfork Pete, courtesy of Roadside America.

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