Day 29: July 14, 2016
To Edmonton

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I could have and should have skipped Jasper completely but I decided that a break and one more beer at that brewery might be nice. I wasted time driving through a town with streets lined with RVs and motorhomes. It definitely seemed even more crowded than before but I've no idea whether that's due to time of day or being three weeks deeper into the season.

For the forty or so miles beyond Jasper I followed the same road that I'd driven before but it sure didn't seem the same. My sense is that there was much more traffic but there were definitely more critters out (There were none before.) and the congestion caused by groups of stopped tourists made it seem like more traffic. There was a small group of what I think were reindeer then the big loner a little beyond. After the big guy managed to cross the road, at least one tourist went for a selfie with him. Maybe that's not the same as turning you back on a grizzly less than ten feet away but neither is it the cleverest thing in the world. Those antlers are not foam rubber.

The first time reached this sign, I turned left and headed up that "Scenic Route". Today I didn't and soon found myself on divided four-lane. A different version of Canada is about to replace the one I've been seeing lately.

Given the expressway flavor of the road, I was a little surprised that it went right through the heart of Edson, Alberta, but it did. And right through the street fair, too. I thought about stopping for a lemonade but parking looked to be in short supply.

Although it is in a strip mall, the Argyll Plaza Hotel is a pretty nice place to stay. My room is here.

My destination was in the nearby Old Strathcona section but, after driving under the arch, I decided to cruise through downtown. This was, after all, my first visit to Edmonton.

After the little cruise, I returned to Old Strathcona and found a parking spot right in front of Situation Brewing which had been my destination when I left the hotel. Tasty beer, good food, and a fun atmosphere. Situation Brewing is definitely a good place to spend some time.

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