Day 25: July 10, 2016
North Klondike Highway

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Today the North Klondike Highway took me from Dawson City to Whitehorse to reconnect with the Alaska Highway and finish the Klondike Loop. People have reported seeing lots of wildlife on the North Klondike but not me. Not today. The drive is certainly a pleasant one and quite scenic but not in the dramatic way that has me snapping pictures at every turn. In fact, at the end of the day I found I had taken surprisingly few photos. So I'm starting this page with a couple of rather "artsy" pictures that I otherwise might not use. The sun never gets very high in these parts in this season. It sometimes lights clouds in unusual ways. It's something I noticed a little bit more further north and something that I haven't managed to catch in photos. These two don't quite do it either but maybe they're strange enough to show that something unusual is going on.

The clouds also play a major role in these pictures of Pelly Crossing. The first two were taken from an overlook northeast of town.

Five Fingers Rapids caused problems for gold seekers traveling on the Yukon River but today they make a pretty good subject from the roadside overlook.

A very light rain was falling when I took these pictures of the Montague Roadhouse. I couldn't determine a build date but assume it was shortly after its predecessor burned in 1909. It operated on the Overland Trail until the 1940s and was partially destroyed in the 1950s during construction of the Trail's replacement, the Klondike Highway.

My visits to Whitehorse were exactly two weeks apart which meant I was again looking for a place to eat on a Sunday evening. I had enjoyed my meal at Klondike Rib & Salmon so much I was tempted to return but thought I ought to try something different. That something was Tonimoes in the Edgewater Hotel. I was about to order a full meal when I learned that appetizers were half price so I had these tasty Asian Chicken Bites for around $6 or about the price of the beer.

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