Day 23: July 8, 2016
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I'm on my way home but don't wait up. I'm about 3,000 straight-line miles away and many more than that following paved roads, partially paved roads, and no-way-will-they-ever-be paved roads. My path out of Anchorage was essentially the reverse of my path in until I branched off on AK-1 well north of town. At this point, AK-1 is also known as the Glenn Highway.

I would probably have stopped anyway but the fact that my cousin had mentioned that the Alaska State Fair was smaller than the Darke County, Ohio, Fair made this stop automatic. She's obviously right about the relative size of the two fairs but the setting for the Alaska fair is just a bit more dramatic.

The first two pictures are of the Matanuska River which AK-1 parallels for some distance. The third picture is looking at Long Lake from its west end.

Unlike most of the other down-the-road shots with motorcycles in them, this one makes me jealous. I certainly didn't envy any of the riders I saw on dirt or gravel roads or riding through rain. But I do envy this guy and I understand that it is moments like this that make all the rain, dust, and treacherous gravel seem worthwhile.

My cousin had suggested Long Rifle Lodge as a possible lunch stop because of its view of Matanuska Glacier. Feeling no need for lunch when I passed here about 11:00 AM, I didn't stop and am now regretting that.

Horseshoe curves can provide a view of where you're coming from or going to. There are two back to back here.

In the winter, poles like these mark the edge of the road for snow clearing crews. The camper helps give a sense of their height.

Times were so tough when Cobb Lakes were discovered that they have to share a name. This is the western one of the pair.

I couldn't find a room in Tok when I was headed toward Alaska but I had no trouble booking this one a couple of days in advance. In fact, I saved about $30 by taking a room at Golden Bear's North location rather than the original, now called South, location. This was an existing motel but it was recently acquired by Golden Bear and was just reopened. In fact, although it is now shown as open on the website, it was still "coming soon" when I made the reservation. The reason for the discount was that TVs and telephones are not yet working. If they hadn't told me I'd have never known.

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