Day 14: June 29, 2016
Short Travel Day

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I moved less than a hundred miles today which gave me time to work on the website and to do some planning. One result is that this page will be posted on schedule and the journal will once again be current. Another result is that I was able to make plans for the next couple of day that pretty much guarantee I'll have no time for this site and it will be current for only a moment.

My movement today was from Delta Junction to Fairbanks on the Richardson Highway. The Richardson Highway was in existence, connecting Valdez with Fairbanks, when the Alaska Highway was built. It's the reason that the Alaska Highway ends at Delta Junction. There are, however, a lot more reasons to go to Fairbanks than to Delta Junction so that the Richardson Highway between Delta Junction and Fairbanks is often seen as an extension of the Alaska Highway.

The Richardson Highway goes through the town of North Pole which is nowhere near the geographic north pole. The name was selected for commercial reasons in 1952. They goal was to attract a major toy manufacturer. That didn't happen but the city dies have a major toy retailer. That retailer, Santa Claus House, is easy to find with the World's Largest Santa Claus standing out front.

I was able to check into my motel early and tackle that planning and web work before heading out for dinner. I'd located two breweries in town and one served food. That would be my dinner spot but I would also stop at the other one for the sake of completeness. That "other one" was HooDoo Brewing where I enjoyed small pours of a maibock and a stout.

As I traveled between breweries, this appeared at roadside. It's the Trans-Alaska Pipeline carrying oil from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.

Not only does Silver Gulch Brewery have food, it can also claim the be the northernmost brewery in the United States. What's not to like? Among the things I did like were Fairbanks Lager and Copper Creek Amber Ale.

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