Day 12: June 27, 2016
Ending in Destruction

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I made it back to the SS Klondike with plenty of time to look her over. The largest sternwheeler on the upper Yukon was launched in 1929 and retired in 1955. Primarily a cargo hauler, she also carried passengers. The dining room for officers and first class passengers, looking quite different from the crew's mess, can be seen beyond the kitchen.

Even though I made no effort to include old alignments in this drive, when something signed Old Alaska Highway pops up, of course I'm going to take it. This six kilometer long section is just a little northwest of Whitehorse.

When I pulled over to photograph these elk, I initially drew some interest but it didn't last long.

It's been awhile since I've posted a picture of an RV driving into a mountain. And, for balance, here's one of a a mountain without an RV.

The little blue sign identifies this round building in Haines Junction as The Muffin. Despite the eye-catching toppings, it appeared to be idle. I stepped into a nearby business for some afternoon refreshment.

I considered driving from Whitehorse to Alaska in a day but in the end decided to make an intermediate stop in Destruction Bay. The name comes from storm damage to equipment during Alaska Highway construction in 1942. It's a true one-stop and I ate, slept, fueled the car, and did laundry here. My room is here. Kluane Lake is just across the road.

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