Day 9: June 24, 2016
A Lovely Drive

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Most muffler men are hard at work promoting some business or community but this guy appears to just be idly standing by the road about twenty-five kilometers north of Fort Saint John. He once drew attention to a sign for Clarke Sawmill but the only sign there now advises visitors to "SMILE YOUR ON CAMERA". A guess is that both the muffler man and his owner have retired.

I had earlier passed a couple of these pre-fab "motel camps" and I had also spotted a motel with a "room & board" rate posted out front. Housing work crews seems to be good business in these parts. Super 96 has a website here.

There are few roadside attractions of the common sort between Fort Saint John and Fort Nelson. That doesn't, of course, mean there are no attractions. There are plenty of attractive things to look at and that's especially true on a sunlit day with some fluffy clouds floating about. With apologies to anyone bored by down-the-road pictures, here are some of the scenes appearing in my windshield today.

There's a lot of stuff at the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum. I have the impression that this place was once carefully organized with well marked displays but has evolved into something of a cluttered attic. The main building holds things like chainsaws & bears and boat motors & moose. Several other interesting buildings fill the grounds and contain a variety of items from the past. There are a surprising number of cars and other vehicles. I found the 1908 Buick and its hanger hanging story extra interesting.

My home for the night is this room at the Bluebelle Inn. The Bluebelle is almost a complete one-stop with grocery, laundry, gas pumps, motel, and RV park. The only thing missing is a restaurant and that's tight across the street.

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