To: Phyllis

Little Phyllis had the mumps
  And it put her in the dumps.

Granny is so very sorry
  If she could, she'd go tomorry,

To see her little Phyllis Ellie
  Who has a pain down in her belly.

I know you'll be glad I am writing to you,
  It helps to get letters when you're lonesome and blue.

I'll send you a picture of our family tree,
  One of them's you and one of them's me.

Gib and Juanita are chuck full of glee
  because he is back from over the sea.

Boyce's face is all aglow
  He's smiling so his new teeth will show.

Uncle Ed is solemn as a Quaker
  He's Digger, the friendly undertaker.

Aunt Eva is tickled as punch
  She's serving the Lady's Aid some lunch.

And Uncle Nib is doleful as you can see
  Because he has a pain in his knee.

Grandad is tickled as he can be
  Because he can ride in his green model T.

Granny is mad because Grandad cooked beans and fat meat,
  And brought her bananas that were not fit to eat.

Daddy and Mom are pleased you can tell.
  They are glad that you're getting well.

Nevin and Helen are mad as can be
  Because Grandad tore up the red Model T.

And Wayne is so happy, his head's in a whirl
  You see he's so glad that he's got a girl.

But poor little Eldon is down in the dumps
  He had to miss school when he had the mumps.

Beverly and June are ready to shout
  They are so glad that school will be out.

Phyllis is four and such a little mite
  She likes Granny's butter because she likes her butter white.

And Jean and Dean are merry and gay
  Because they have been good today.

They will go to Sunday School,
  There they'll learn the Golden Rule.

It wouldn't hurt us all to try
  To do unto others as we would be done by.

And now you have our history,
  I've tried to write from A to Z.

Some of us merry, some of us sad,
  Some of us doleful and some of us glad.

We can't all of us be as happy as queens,
  Some of us always have to eat beans.

I hope this letter don't get your nanny,
  God bless us all. Your Loving Granny.


Long may you live, Happy may you be
Sitting on the wood pile
Drinking chip tea.

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