To: Jean and Dean

The Model T

Grandad has a Model T,
  And he's as happy as he can be,

He painted it a bright pea green
  Prettiest car that ever was seen.

Some day he will take a ride
  And I will be seated by his side,

He'll have his leather jacket on his back
  And I'll be dressed in an old feed sack.

Happy, Happy Grandad Happy, Happy me
  Riding along in our old Model T.

The Model T---No. 2

Grandad's got a Model T, it ain't no count
  and it never will be.

It's no good now and it won't be later
  Because it won't run without a carburetor.

It won't take us out and it won't bring us back
  So I sit at home in my old feed sack.

Juanita has a Ford car too
  And she sits at home, just like we do.

If we had a horse or even a goat
  We could go farther than with this old boat.

Poor unhappy Grandad, poor unhappy me,
  Can't go riding in our Model T.

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