To: Eldon

The Model T---No. 3

When Grandad got his Model T,
  It was all in one.

But he took it away to get it fixed
  And then the fun begun.

The first man tore a tube in two
  And broke the carburetor,

The next one blew a tire up
  When he tried to inflate her.

He broke the lights, he broke the choke,
  He broke the bendix spring,

And every time he touched a nut
  He broke the dog gone thing.

He took it to another man
  But it was just the same.

He broke up everything he touched
  And said he's not to blame.

So Grandad brought it home again
  And put it in the shed,

And there she stays until next spring,
  Thatís just what Grandad said.

But when the weather's nice and warm
  He'll take it out again

And take it to another shop
  And try another man.

For surely in a town like this
  there cannot help but be

A man who will have sense enough
  To fix a Model T.

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