To: Boyce

A Little Boy

The little boy who came upstairs
  Because he was afraid.

The little boy who always said
  "Have you got your taxes paid?"

The one that took the boat
  So far upstream and stayed

So long I went to hunt for him
  Because I was afraid

That he had fallen in.

At last I saw a fishing pole
  And heard a line a-swishing,

And then upon the river bank
  I saw a boy a-fishing.

And oh he looked so very small
  Among the trees so big and tall.

How did you get here? Then he said
  And shall I take you home?

I said no, that he should stay
  Home wasn't very far away.

So then they sent him over sea
  To fight in the 5thInfantry.

Then he set the world on fire
  With his a cappella choir.

He sang for Emperors and Czars,
  He sang for famous movie stars.

And now the war is over
  And he is home again

And I am made to realize
  My boy is now a man.

I hope that he'll be lucky
  And always make the grade,

And always have the money
  To get his taxes paid.

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