To: Blanche

The Model T---No. 4

We finally got the T to run
  And we were glad when it was done,

And too it cost us rather dear
  And took us the greater part of a year.

But at last amid a rumble of tin
  We were off for a jolly

And as I had prophesied
  I was seated by Grandpa's side,

He had his leather jacket on his back
  And I was dressed in my old feed sack.

I don't talk much as we go along
  Because my voice is not very string.

And once when we hit a railroad track
  I thought the thing had broke my back.

We had become reconciled to a leaky carburetor
  But we had to have a foot accelerator.

So we drove for mile after mile
  Until we found that it was not worth while,

And he said if he got any thing done
  He'd have to get busy and make himself one.

So he hunted around and gathered up stuff
  Until he thought he had enough.

Then he pounded and filed and hacked and cut cuts
  Till he had a contraption like Boob McNutt's.

A gadget here and a gadget there
  Till the poor old man was in despair.

But he would pound awhile then give it a jerk
  And finally got the thing to work.

And I thought he should have been content
  for it answered the purpose for what it was meant.

But he wasn't satisfied you see
  for it wasn't just what he thought it should be.

So he added a chain and another spring,
  And he said he believed he had just the thing.

Well when he got everything to suit,
  He found he had no horn to toot.

And it makes no difference how far you can go
  You can't pass people with no horn to blow.

And so he will worry from night until morn
  Until he gets himself a horn.

When we come to a sign saying 60 miles an hour
  I pull Pappy's sleeve and say, shut off the power.

We have to keep this thing in check,
  I don't want to go to jail, by heck.


I'm glad when it is summer,
  And we can have the things

That we would always like to have.
  The things that summer brings.

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