Day 15: September 8, 2001
Our Nation's Capitol

This is Clarksville, where we stayed last night. A nice room and a good meal a short walk away.

Granny's Letters:

Boydton is a small but rather interesting town. The 1790 Boyd Tavern is being renovated but looks like a good place to stop when it reopens.

The town of South Hill was next where Frank bought gas for 33 cents a gallon. A few things have changed here.

Pamplin Historical Park is just a short distance before the town of Petersburg. It is on the Petersburg battle field and contains the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier.

Richmond is displaying fish in the same way that Cincinnati did pigs and Chicago did cows.

After we cleared Richmond's congestion, we found some truly beautiful Virginia country side. Spotsyvania and Fredericksburg are both Civil War battle sites. The court house is in Spotsylvania.

Granddad & Granny reached Mount Vernon too early and we were there too late. We arrived about 4:30, gates close at 5:00, and the grounds are cleared at 5:30. With a 40 minute line at the mansion, the math just didn't work - especially when $10 admission was figured in. We headed on to Alexandria and Washington. At Arlington we visited the burial site of Chris's nephew and watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns. At the Vietnam Memorial, we located the name of a high school classmate and, with the aid of the wonderful volunteers at the wall, Chris did a rubbing. Then it was back to some truly unpleasant traffic until we escaped the capitol city.

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