Day 7: August 31, 2001
To the Coast

They are still washing clay from sand in Edgar but the equipment has been upgraded and upsized since Frank & Gertrude's visit. At the post office, there are 20 lock boxes always accessible and the building is open four hours a week; 7:45-9:15 on Monday & Saturday plus 4:00 to 5:00 on Mondays.

Granny's Letters:

The bridge that existed in 1920 has been replaced but the spot where it once emerged on the river bank in East Palatka is still identifiable and a short section of the brick road is still intact. Orange & grapefruit trees stand beside the road.

St. Augustine is one of the most interesting cities in Florida. The Alligator Farm that Frank visited is still there but at a slightly different location. It was moved to the present site two years after Frank was there. The lighthouse is exactly where it was in 1920 and probably looks much the same. I doubt that the Salt Run Tavern was around in any location in 1920 but it serves good food and drink today.

Of course St. Augustine's most interesting features is also its oldest. The old Spanish fort is being repaired and the gun deck is currently off limits. One affect is that the rest of the fort can be seen for half-price. Guides in period custom provide background information on the fort and Spain's involvement in North America.

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